“Don’t see it to believe it. Believe it to see it. That’s when the magnificence of Sacred Geometry reveals itself.”

Sheetal Rajan is an Energy Coach and Sacred Evolutionist. A certified Reiki Master, Theta Practitioner and Quantum Healer, her knowledge of Sacred Geometry and its power to re-engineer the individual and collective consciousness helps activate seekers in raising their vibration and unlocking abundance in their life.

For well over a decade, Sheetal traveled both physically and spiritually, expanding her knowledge into areas of energy healing, manifestation laws, dance, laughter, self-care, mindfulness and breathwork. On one such visit to the holistic mountains of Nepal, she found herself communicating with the cosmic source and receiving ancient knowledge, which now serves as the foundation of her teachings on Sacred Geometry. She describes the experience as being “as natural as breathing, and yet, as overwhelming as an avalanche”. Upon return to her home, she immediately began her research and study into the subject and today, she is ready to share her learnings with the world.

“Master your energy and your master your life”.

Sheetal brings you workshops, courses and information on the teachings of frequency, vibration and energy in a format and style that is relatable, memorable and achievable. She wants every soul on the spiritual path to understand that when you understand your own frequency and work on raising your vibration, you receive a direct key to the source. It is then that you can experience the true miracle of the universe – abundance.

“The new shift in consciousness commands us to stop depending on gurus and masters to heal ourselves but instead recognise our own power to re-engineer our reality.”