Sheetal Rajan is a writer, healer, traveler and spiritual coach with an unwavering loyalty to living by the universal principles of Sacred Geometry, which has led her to adopting the title of Sacred Evolutionist.

After an unconventional childhood in Kerala, India, and a recklessly hedonistic young adulthood in Dubai, Sheetal found her voice in the advertising industry as a straight-talking, opinionated and often obnoxious writer. While her creative flair, strategic thinking and ‘train wreck attitude’ took her from Jr. Copywriter to Creative Director in matter of a few years, she still felt lost. Until one day, she set out to explore her real purpose in life.

In the following decade, Sheetal traveled both physically and spiritually, expanding her knowledge into areas of Reiki healing, crystal healing, manifestation laws, ecstatic dance, laughter yoga, spiritual self-care and the art of breathing through Pranayama. On one such visit to the holistic mountains of Nepal, Sheetal found herself communicating with the cosmic source and receiving ancient knowledge, which now serves as the foundation of her teachings on Sacred Geometry. She describes the experience as being “as natural as breathing, yet as overwhelming as an avalanche”. Upon return to her home, she immediately began her research and study into the subject and today, she is ready to share her learnings with the world.

Sheetal wants every soul on the spiritual path to understand that when you master your own frequency and work on raising your vibrations, you receive a direct key to the source. It is then that you can experience the true miracle of the universe – abundance.