Duration: 1 day / 90 minutes

Format: Online / In-person (depending on availability)

Category: Product ID: 801


What is the biggest block in your life at the moment? Are you ready to remove, resolve and release yourself from this limiting construct? In a Sacred Shift Session, Sheetal does a deep immersion into your energy field with you; releasing limiting constructs and reengineering your belief systems for a specific block or issue. The sessions include channeling, cleansing, coding and coaching; as well as exercises to be done for 30 days.


Expected results:

  • Find the deep-seated root cause of an issue
  • Remove specific block and recode your energy field with new constructs
  • Experience of a shift in the energies and events in your life related to the specific issue
  • Increased clarity and focus in moving forward on your path


Added Value:

  • Access to 3 online group sessions


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