Awakening Leela

Unlock happiness with a concept from ancient Hindu wisdom


Jul 2021

  • 7pm to 9pm
Duration: 2 hr
Timezone: GMT+4hrs Location: Global Online Price: $110

Discover the 6 keys to unlocking your blissful flow and becoming the abundance you seek in your life. Sheetal Rajan takes you on a journey to ancient India for to reprogramme your energy through the practice of Leela. In Vedic texts, it is defined as the act of flowing with the playfulness of the supreme consciousness. Sheetal breaks down this age-old practice and shows you proven methods that can help you switch gears into flow state.

This session is especially beneficial for those who are experiencing constant blockages on their path towards abundance. It is ideal for adults and children alike and promises to have a lasting effect on your life.

In this session:

  • Gain insight into Sacred Geometry and it’s connection to YOU
  • Learn about Leela from the point of view of ancient wisdom, science and psychology
  • All particpants will receive notes that will include a daily meditation and exercise to adopt the practice of Leela
  • Bonus! All participants will receive a FREE 30-minute energy coaching session.
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