Awakening Leela

Unlock happiness with a concept from ancient Hindu wisdom


May 2021

  • 2 pm to 4 pm Dubai
Duration: 2 hrs
Timezone: GMT+4hrs Location: Global Online Price: $ 110

Leela is a cosmic concept from ancient Indian wisdom. It can be defined as the playfulness of the supreme consciousness – a divine play that keeps us flowing in the illusion (maya) of reality. Sheetal Rajan guides you on a deep immersion session to reprogramme your thought processes and align with the universal energy matrix.

In this session:

  • Gain insight into Sacred Geometry and it’s connection to YOU
  • Learn about Leela from the point of view of ancient wisdom, science and psychology
  • Receive a complete chakra alignment as well as activations and downloads
  • All particpants will receive notes that will include a daily meditation and exercise to adopt the practice of Leela
  • Bonus! All participants will receive a FREE 30-minute energy coaching session.
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