Luna Tribe

Full Moon Ecstatic Dance
With Sheetal Rajan and Mai Mostafa


April 2023

Time: 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Duration: 3 hr
Timezone: GMT+4hrs Location: The Shanti House, DAMAC Hills 2, Dubai Price: 100

Dance to heal. Dance to release. Dance to empower. Dance to inspire. Dance to connect. Dance to disconnect. April ushers in the Full Moon in Libra – the ultimate energy of action and balance. What are the areas of your life that demand more balance, more love and more nurturing? Discover and redesign these parts of you through the ancient art of dance.

Ecstatic Dance is a free-form movement that is often practiced without fixed choreography. The idea of ecstatic dance is to completely lend yourself to the rhythm of the music and move freely until you reach a state of trance and ecstasy. Ecstatic dance takes you into a deep meditative state, helping you feel fully present in the moment, while also helping you heal traumas, liberate limiting beliefs and feel deeply connected to your Self and your soul tribe.

Transformation Coach Sheetal Rajan welcomes you to yet another chapter of Luna Tribe. Come dance with us under the April Full Moon in a beautiful garden in Dubai. The session will also include a special breathwork session by Self-Awareness Coach Mai Mostafa.

Since ancient times, tribes have gathered during full moons to honor and connect with the sacred life energy that lives within them and manifest their heart’s true desire. We reignite this ritual with Luna Tribe, welcoming you into an unforgettable experience every month.

Luna Tribe began as a vision to hold a safe space for soul family in Dubai. Today, the tribe has grown into a movement of Sacred Seekers from around the UAE, who hold space for each other and welcome new members from all walks of life and all levels of spiritual growth. Luna Tribe brings you unique experiences of healing and growing every month – with various modules and spiritual practices that help expand your understanding of your own journey. Say YES to magical evenings of meditation, activation and sacred circles that will awaken your energetic connection with your higher self and like-minded souls from around the world.

● Make an intentional and meaningful connection with the energy of the full moon
● Meditate, activate, amplify, align, dance, sing, laugh and love!
● Manifest your next steps and invoke your power to create with passion, compassion, intention and empowered belief
● Connect with your soul tribe and recognise yourself in the journeys of others in our community

Keeping with the promise of always welcoming you to unique locations in Dubai, the next chapter of Luna Tribe will be held at a private villa in DAMAC Hills 2, Dubai. The Shanti House is a magical, cozy villa that faces the lush desert and welcomes the full moon in all its glory. The mystical garden where the ecstatic dance will happen has been carefully designed and pruned to resemble the Garden of Eden or even Vrindavan from Vedic lore. Immersing you in a truly magical experience!

The full moon sessions at The Shanti House promise to be a truly heart-warming experience surrounded by nature and in the company of soul family that love you for who you are. A short drive from within the city, this location welcomes Sacred Seekers to dive deeper into their practice and discover new aspects of this phenomenal existence.

● 7:45 pm – Luna Tribe Welcome – Aura Cleansing
● 8:00 pm – Spiritual Discourse with Sheetal
● 8:15 pm – Lunar Breathwork by Mai Mostafa
● 9:00 pm – Ecstatic Dance with Sheetal Rajan
● 10:00 pm – Full Moon Meditation and Activation
● 10:30 pm – Sharing Circle opens with Snacks & Tea

Mai Mostafa is a Self-Awareness Coach who began her spiritual journey in 2017 and got certified as a Classical Hatha Yoga teacher in 2019. She has completed 1750 hours of Hatha Yoga training at Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore, India and more than 2000 training hours to hundreds of trainees in the region. Her expertise spans across various spiritual practices including self-awareness, meditation, breathwork, Hatha Yoga, women sharing
circles, Angelic reiki as well as Spiritual Response Therapy. She offers a unique approach to self-realisation, spirituality and mental health for adults and children through body, mind, emotions and energy. Her mission is to offer Classical Hatha Yoga in its purest form and self-awareness guidance to the world for raising human health, wellbeing and consciousness.

Sheetal Rajan is an international personal Transformation Coach, Sacred Geometry Philosopher and Keynote Speaker who has conducted events in Portugal, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Turkey, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Bali, Dubai, India and more. She is a certified Reiki master, Theta Practitioner and Quantum Healer. Her research in Sacred Geometry and its connection to human consciousness helps activate seekers in raising their vibration
and unlocking abundance in their lives. As a trusted personal transformation coach, Sheetal puts emphasis on practicality and real-world applications of psychological and spiritual concepts to reprogramme your perceptions, reengineer your energy field, unlock your true potential and successfully achieve your goals.

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