8-day Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing Retreat with Sheetal Rajan

11 to 18 Nov 2023

Journey into the heart of Bali with international Transformation Coach and Sacred Geometry Philosopher Sheetal Rajan. Gift yourself a deeply cathartic experience of learning, liberating, loving and laughing at a magical location.

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You are here for a much higher purpose than you have been led to believe. It is time for you to return to your most authentic and empowered state. It is time for you to liberate yourself from past relationships, traumas, limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. It is time for you to break free from stagnant patterns of suffering and confusion and rise into your highest vibration.

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A transcendental retreat in Bali

International Transformation Coach, Sacred Geometry Philosopher and Corporate Keynote Speaker, Sheetal Rajan welcomes you on an eight-day journey into the world of Sacred Geometry Quantum Healing and its connection to the human experience.

Qayanat is derived from the Arabic word for ‘all that is’ or ‘all beings’. A promise that this retreat will catalyse a quantum leap towards aligning you to your highest self and awakening your connection to the universal oneness.

After successful workshops across 8 countries and many more global online seminars and sessions, Sheetal has crafted this journey with deeply cathartic exercises and activations that will teach you to transform any obstacle into peace, passion and abundance.

Organised in collaboration with the wonderful team at Soul Bliss Journeys, you are in for an absolute treat with magnificent Balinese experiences. From staying in a retreat and spa villa to eating freshly prepared vegetarian food, sweating it out in a sauna and receiving blessings at a fire ceremony, these are seven days you will cherish for a lifetime!

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“Where do I start from? I pray that every person in life, gets the chance to be enlightened through awareness. Having The Sacred Being as part of my journey made me feel myself, my soul, myexistence and understand it through science & humanity. Every thought matters, every pattern, every sound, every intention, it all matters and it all makes sense. Sheetal is a powerful, aware soul. She can see deeply through. I’ve been offered so much through her session, I’ve felt a vibration and a frequency that I’ve never felt before, I’ve opened up.”

Perla Joe Maalouli, Lebanon

“I surely recommend any session with ‘The Sacred Being’ or just meeting her is a life changer. I am happy to do both whenever I can. My first session with her was on a beach in Turkey 2016: an eye-opening, wonderful experience with loads of energy perfectly channeled by Sheetal.”

David de Rijke, Netherlands

“Sheetal is an amazing being, full of life, compassion and vitality, it was both an honor to meet her in person and take part in her harmonically structured workshops. What she does is beyond words, even if you know your sacred geometry she connects all the dots!”

Hakan Hisim, Turkey

“Sheetal is a powerful human being a beautiful creature and a good friend. She is unique because she has the power physically and mentally to express the divine energy that is hidden inside all of us. Sheetal can guide you with her magical laughter to explore the deep of your heart and soul.”

Irini Sketo, Cyprus

“It was, one of the most profound experience I had around people and a festival happening in the background…and Sheetal managed to get me to a unified space that I didn’t know I can tap into with all that noise around. Plus, one hug from her, feels like you knew her forever.”

Santa Marwana, Lebanon

“Simply I love her for her ability to feel, read, interact with each human as a special one. Her deep straight-to-the-point facts and knowledge are eye-opening. I am so happy and grateful to be living in the same city as her to have the chance to see and learn more from this amazing creature.”

Leena Nemr, Sudan

What will you experience during this 8-day Sacred Geomegry Quantum Healing Retreat?

  • You will experience a deep detox from negative patterns of your life
  • You will discover the power of your energy field through the lens of Sacred Geometry
  • You will undergo deeply transformational guided exercises and meditations
  • You will experience inner peace and develop a deep relationship with your subtle energies
  • You will understand and practise quantum healing and manifestation
  • You will connect with soul family from around the world
  • You will take home notes and tools and special gifts that will support your spiritual journey
  • You will fall in love with Bali!

Retreat & Spa Villa in the heart of Bali

8 days 7 nights in twin-sharing rooms

Conscious vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner

5 healing rituals with local Bali healers

FREE online private coaching session after the retreat

Take home meditations, exercises and special surprises

Qayanat 2023
Bali, Indonesia

Duration: 8 days
Dates: 11-18 Nov 2023
Payment: 50% by 01 June 2023 and 50% by 01 September 2023
$2500 (Twin-Sharing)
$2700 (Semi-Private)
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