Duration: 3 days / 2 hours each

Format: Online / In-person (depending on availability)

Category: Product ID: 802


Unlock your true potential with a deep immersion session that will completely transform your energy field. Sacred Transformation is designed for seekers who are ready to upgrade their lives, are eager to ascend into higher states of clarity and tap into their own consciousness to access abundance in all areas of their lives. The sessions include channeling, cleansing, coding and coaching; as well as exercises to be done for 60 days.


Expected results:

  • Understanding of Sacred Geometry and its connection to YOU
  • Release of energy blocks and limiting beliefs
  • A renewed perspective and sense of purpose
  • Experience of a shift in the energies and events in your life
  • Increased clarity and focus in making life decisions and setting realistic goals


Added Value:

  • Access to Sheetal for 60 days
  • Free online follow up session after 60 days (worth $140)
  • Access to unlimited online group sessions



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