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A global transformation is underway and is awakening hearts and minds across the world. It’s time to shift our perception above and beyond the confines of our 3D reality. The Sacred Being is an inclusive, unbiased and global platform for learning and healing, brought to you by international Transformation Coach, Sacred Geometry Philosopher and Corporate Keynote Speaker. Welcoming you to the world of Sacred Geometry and providing you with realistic and relatable knowledge and tools to align with your energy field, unlock your true potential and experience the sacred abundance of being.

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Sacred Circle

17 July 2024
Zoom Online

Monthly gathering with Sheetal Rajan to connect and align

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Meet Sheetal Rajan

Master your own energy and you master the universe.

Discover the world of Sacred Geometry with Sheetal Rajan, international Transformation Coach, Sacred Geometry Philosopher and Corporate Keynote Speaker. With over 10 years of experience, Sheetal guides seekers to align with their highest purpose by understanding and adopting principles, tools and resources curated from the world of science, spirituality and psychological sciences.

Join Sheetal for workshops, courses, retreats, talks as well as private and corporate coaching sessions, where she reintroduces you to nature, science, spirituality and even your own consciousness through the lens of Sacred Geometry.

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Say yes to abundance

Choose your path and begin your journey. Explore how you, your loved ones and even your team can reconnect to a new worldview through the lens of Sacred Geometry.

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“I had the pleasure to meet Sheetal and take her classes which were an eye and heart opener! Very inspiring, informative, touching, and enlightening to say the least. She touched me, I left a different person. Thank you.”

Judy Salloum, Lebanon

“After attending Sheetal’s session and even during, I realized that I’m so much absorbed by my daily life and I never take a minute to actually think how much I’m connected to everything around. How much of the universe I have inside me.”

Houda Heniche, Algeria

“It was, one of the most profound experience I had around people and a festival happening in the background…and Sheetal managed to get me to a unified space that I didn’t know I can tap into with all that noise around.”

Santa Marwana, Lebanon

“I attended one of Sheetal’s workshops on giving/receiving hugs and Sacred Geometry, and it was truly a gift of both knowledge and love, allowing us to deeply connect with ourselves and each other. I always feel warm and calm in this woman’s presence.”

Markus Trige Frandsen, Sweden