You are being called to awaken, reassess your life and reconnect to your most authentic self. Are you ready for your transformation?

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Sacred Transformation

Duration: 3 days / 2 hours each
Format: Depending on availability
Timezone: GMT
Price: $550

Are you always one-step behind in your career? Are you unable to break the cycle of bad relationships? Are your childhood traumas manifesting as depression, anxiety or disease? It is time to break these patterns and unlock your true potential with a deep immersion session that will completely transform your energy field. Sacred Transformation is designed for seekers who are ready to upgrade their lives, are eager to ascend into higher states of clarity and tap into their own consciousness to access abundance in all areas of their lives. The sessions include channeling, cleansing, coding and coaching; as well as exercises to be done for 60 days.

Expected Results:

  • Understand of Sacred Geometry and its connection to YOU
  • Release of energy blacks and limited beliefs
  • A renewed perspective and sense of purpose
  • Experience of a shift in the energies and events in your life
  • Increased clarity and focus in making life decision and setting relaistic goals

Added Value:

  • Access to Sheetal for 60 days
  • Access to 3 Leela Lounge community sessions (3 consecutive months after booking Sacred Transformation)

Sacred Shift

Duration: 1 day / 90 minutes
Format: Depending on availability
Timezone: GMT
Price: $200


Sacred Shift is a follow-up session for those who are already working with Sheetal. It is essentially designed for new updates and downloads for clients who want to keep progressing on their path and continue to achieve goals by working on their vibe, mind and reality. The sessions include analysis, upgrade and goal-setting; as well as tasks and exercises to be done for 30 days.

Expected Results:

  • Realignment to your intended path
  • Clarity of mind and the feeling of empowerment
  • Ease and success in attaining purpose of life
  • Capacity to manifest your reality (in more advanced seekers)

Added Value:

  • Access to Sheetal for 30 days
  • 6 session package to be used within 7 months from booking
  • 10 session package to be used within 12 months from booking

Sacred Circle

Duration: 1 day / 2 hours
Format: Group (maximum 10 persons - aged 10 and above)
Timezone: GMT
Price: $600

A perfect gift for your loved ones, an ideal choice for a conscious get-together. Welcome your inner circle for an experience like never before. Transform a friendly gathering into a session where science, community and consciousness come together. Sheetal welcomes people from all walks of life for a session where you will be introduced to your energy field in a simple, relatable and enjoyable manner, leaving every participant with an expanded perspective of the universe and themselves.

Expected Results:

  • Gain insight into the amazing world of Sacred Geometry
  • See proof of Sacred Geometry across nature and culture
  • Discover your connection to the divine design of the universe
  • Enjoy a guided centering exercise that will introduce you to your energy field

Added Value:

  • Customise the session for your group
  • Special activation for birthdays and anniversaries