Seekers from all around the world have experienced a true shift in their worldview through workshops and coaching with Sheetal.

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Nazneen Todiwala, India

I decided to meet with Sheetal during a very dark period of my life, I was angry, depressed, anxious, and depended on various unhealthy coping mechanisms, both harmful to my emotional health, and physical health. Meeting Sheetal brought certain truths into my consciousness, it allowed me to realize how spirituality meets science, and how certain practices can truly raise our vibrations and unlock our endless potential. It also felt like these practices were healing my past trauma and giving me confidence in the future. I will be forever thankful to Sheetal for being the beautiful energy coach that she is, and truly coaching my energy and helping me raise my vibration. Thank you Sheetal, and my fellow seekers, keep seeking!

Michelle Karam, Lebanon

We met on purpose in the shala. Ever since, you have been my constant reminder on how much power I have in me, because you see that in me. You taught me how to continue to believe in my higher self and keep showing me the light. I see you everywhere I go now and I take you with me. You are my friend, my mentor and my heart. You helped me saved parts of me I couldn’t reach. I’m forever grateful and will always love you.

Bruno Bianchini, Italy

When I saw a friend of mine for breakfast after she had left from Sheetal, I could sense a different energy. She was radiant and so happy about her meeting with Sheetal that it took me one minute to decide that it was exactly what I wanted. I met with Sheetal as part of my new spiritual journey. I was in a happy place but I felt the desire to explore my relationship with the universe a bit deeper and Sheetal was exactly the guidance I needed. Sheetal is “one of us”, she was working in a creative agency and in touch with the world where we all live in. That’s why I immediately felt comfortable talking to her because “she was getting me”. This allows her to explain spiritual concepts in words that are comforting and easy to understand. Sheetal also helped me uncover certain dynamics and energetic “blocks” that I didn’t know they had been lingering in me for very long time. She helped to identify them and work together with me with daily meditations practice exercises. I am really enjoying my spiritual journey with her, I suggested to many friends to go (and they did) and I encourage everyone to take some time for themselves and try even just one session.

Aarthy Rao, India

I know now, that I was meant to meet her. She got the ball rolling inside of me, very subtly into my own exploration of spirituality. I met her when I was really broken and really drowning in depression and anxiety. She guided me with many things during her sessions. Especially the first time, when I was visibly broken. I was non-stop crying through her session. And I remember leaving that day, feeling I finally will get better. Although the sessions and work she does is on a very personal level, not even for a second, I felt any kind of judgement from her. All through my crying and all that, she made me feel safe. From the first hug she gave me till today, she has made me nothing but happier and comfortable. Every time I sit down to meditate (I wasn’t a human who meditates, neither did she force me to do it. It just felt right), I calm myself down remembering her voice and words.

Noora AlMulla, United Arab Emirates

Truly remarkable and sacred being! It first felt like I’ve known her a lifetime ago. Sheetal has an innate ability to connect to every unique individual and assist you through your spiritual journey and awakening. Thank you for being our compass and holding the most sacred and safe space for each one of us as a family! Sheetal emanates love and light which translates clearly in her space and can be felt in her presence and through her surroundings. You will truly be in great company and be surrounded by love, life, light and laughter. I love you!

Sandhya Rajan, India

Energies. That’s the first thing that comes to mind with Sheetal’s session. It’s a sacred space filled with endless emotions and you are more aware of your energy field in the most profound way. I found her session absolutely soul changing to the core. I am also more in check of my energy and not just this body. Thank you so much Sheetal for sharing your energy with us. Blessed be my sister.

Arshiya Naina, India

All there is, is energy. Something which I learnt from gorgeous Sheetal. The workshop and healing sessions of sacred being is backed up with basic science and logic, which I found very helpful. We all wish to live in peace, in love and happiness where as we are all born with the above said. That is what beautiful Sheetal’s work opens you up to – first healing, then to become love, peace and happiness, to rediscover who you are at your core. Love is not given or taken, you are love in itself as every child is born in such pure form. So, rediscover humanity and who you are with the sacred being.

Rana Accawi, Lebanon

Sheetal is a visionary healer, she almost feels like utter divinity and do you know what is the most beautiful part of her healing methods? She is capable of making you (the seeker) feel like divinity as well, and through that specific vision, she will guide you to work on yourself to leave the heaviness of your human nature and embrace the god/goddess in you. Well, at least that is how I felt after our session back in August, and I assure you that to this day, I can still hear Sheetal’s voice in my head whenever I think poorly of myself or whenever I lose touch with my Higher Self or whenever life blurs out my own Truth. In a nutshell, she helped me step into my own power and I will forever be grateful to her for that.

Neha Duseja, India

Sheetal has the most beautiful healing energy and I absolutely love working with her! I have worked with her one-on-one, in sessions which she’s really made me feel safe enough to open up and helped me reconnect with myself and begin to heal. I still use some of the meditations she gave me! I’ve also experienced her amazing energy in a group setting during multiple workshops. She shares with so much love, compassion and wisdom. She’s so relatable and makes everything she teaches relevant to here and now. I’m so blessed to have met her and to have her in my life!

Sana Shamshad, Pakistan

You were right beside me all along, and for that I’m so incredibly grateful. Thank You for showing me the light that is within me. I am truly humbled and you will always hold a special place in my heart!

Lara Gordon Finnih, Dubai

After coming across this workshop by pyre chance the night before, I am so pleased I came. So many things I have been working on over the past year now all makes sense. The content was so engaging, nonjudgmental and spoke to so many areas of life that needed to be touched on. I encourage anyone who is open to learning to join this workshop and BELIEVE!

Perla Joe Maalouli, Lebanon

Where do I start from? I pray that every person in life, gets the chance to be enlightened through awareness. Having The Sacred Being as part of my journey made me feel myself, my soul, my existence and understand it through science & humanity. Every thought matters, every pattern, every sound, every intention, it all matters and it all makes sense. Sheetal is a powerful, aware soul. She can see deeply through. I’ve been offered so much through her session, I’ve felt a vibration and a frequency that I’ve never felt before, I’ve opened up.

Santa Marwana, Lebanon

It was, one of the most profound experience I had around people and a festival happening in the background…and Sheetal managed to get me to a unified space that I didn’t know I can tap into with all that noise around. Plus, one hug from her, feels like you knew her forever.

Fazil Mohammed, Managing Partner, Middle East Hospitality Services

I worked with Sheetal on the Executive Excellence private coaching session. Sheetal opened up a whole new paradigm to leadership. Her logical viewpoint and scientific approach to ‘mindfulness’ was truly refreshing. And the relatable exercises that she shared with me became tools of mass transformation as I approached my team with a renewed sense of self and a proactive sense of the collective. I highly recommend a session with her for those who are looking for added advantage in areas of communication, leadership and positivity.

Michele, Makava Delighted Iced Tea, Austria

When I first met Sheetal, my brief was simple – bring my team together and open their minds to the importance of community, harmony and transparency. Sheetal came prepared with a presentation that showed my core team the wonders of Sacred Geometry with scientific research and case studies that helped bring home the right concepts. This was followed by a series of engaging and thought-provoking activities that made our yearly strategy meeting an unforgettable experience. Sheetal herself comes from the corporate background and I feel this gives her the edge that many coaches don’t have. I can undoubtedly say welcoming her to meet my team and affect change in their minds and hearts was a good decision.

Irini Sketo, Cyprus

Sheetal is a powerful human being a beautiful creature and a good friend. She is unique because she has the power physically and mentally to express the divine energy that is hidden inside all of us. Sheetal can guide you with her magical laughter to explore the deep of your heart and soul.

David de Rijke, Netherlands

I surely recommend any session with Sheetal’s ‘The Sacred Being’ or just meeting her is a life changer. I am happy to do both whenever I can. My first session with her was on a beach in Turkey 2016: an eye-opening, wonderful experience with loads of energy perfectly channeled by Sheetal.

Markus Trige Frandsen, Sweden

I attended one of Sheetal’s workshops on giving/receiving hugs and Sacred Geometry, and it was truly a gift of both knowledge and love, allowing us to deeply connect with ourselves and each other. I always feel warm and calm in this woman’s presence.

Hakan Hisim, Turkey

Sheetal is an amazing being, full of life, compassion and vitality, it was both an honor to meet her in person and take part in her harmonically structured workshops. What she does is beyond words, even if you know your sacred geometry she connects all the dots in the most delightful ways!

Houda Heniche, Algeria

After attending Sheetal’s session and even during, I realized that I’m so much absorbed by my daily life and I never take a minute to actually think how much I’m connected to everything around. How much of the universe I have inside me.

Sonia Narwani, India

When it comes to unlocking the secrets to the universe, Sheetal has truly mastered it. From the very first session she got me fascinated and had me captivated with every word she spoke. She has a powerful method to teach you and engage you in. Each of her sessions have left me with a great sense of elation. She is truly amazing!

Marita Peters, Dubai

My daughters and I encountered Sheetal and her warm, quirky workshops at a conscious festival we attended in Lebanon recently. She shares her knowledge with genuine passion and creates a safe space for participants to really let go and dive in. Our interest in sacred geometry has been renewed and we are excited to keep learning.

Leena Nemr, Sudan

Simply I love her for her ability to feel, read, interact with each human as a special one. Her laugh makes you laugh. Her deep straight-to-the-point facts and knowledge are eye-opening. I am so happy and grateful to be living in the same city as her to have the chance to see and learn more from this amazing creature.

Judy Salloum, Lebanon

I had the pleasure to meet Sheetal and take her classes which were an eye and heart opener! Very inspiring, informative, touching, and enlightening to say the least. Also, a funny person! She touched me, I left a different person. Thank you.