Aarthy Rao

By Sheetal Rajan | November 4, 2020

I know now, that I was meant to meet her. She got the ball rolling inside of me, very subtly into my own exploration of spirituality. I met her when I was really broken and really drowning in depression and anxiety. She guided me with many things during her sessions. Especially the first time, when I was visibly broken. I was non-stop crying through her session. And I remember leaving that day, feeling I finally will get better. Although the sessions and work she does is on a very personal level, not even for a second, I felt any kind of judgement from her. All through my crying and all that, she made me feel safe. From the first hug she gave me till today, she has made me nothing but happier and comfortable. Every time I sit down to meditate (I wasn’t a human who meditates, neither did she force me to do it. It just felt right), I calm myself down remembering her voice and words.


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