Bruno Bianchini

By Sheetal Rajan | November 4, 2020

When I saw a friend of mine for breakfast after she had left from Sheetal, I could sense a different energy. She was radiant and so happy about her meeting with Sheetal that it took me one minute to decide that it was exactly what I wanted. I met with Sheetal as part of my new spiritual journey. I was in a happy place but I felt the desire to explore my relationship with the universe a bit deeper and Sheetal was exactly the guidance I needed. Sheetal is “one of us”, she was working in a creative agency and in touch with the world where we all live in. That’s why I immediately felt comfortable talking to her because “she was getting me”. This allows her to explain spiritual concepts in words that are comforting and easy to understand. Sheetal also helped me uncover certain dynamics and energetic “blocks” that I didn’t know they had been lingering in me for very long time. She helped to identify them and work together with me with daily meditations practice exercises. I am really enjoying my spiritual journey with her, I suggested to many friends to go (and they did) and I encourage everyone to take some time for themselves and try even just one session.


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